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LongevityWelcome to our site! It’s all about longevity and healthy lifestyle.

No doubt, we all want to have healthy and enjoyable life. But what we need to do to achieve it? What kind of a diet can help your body to maintain it’s strength and health? What kind of activities will support it? And much more other valuable information on this site will help you to wider your knowledge about longevity and lifestyle.

I am retired shipping professional. During my busy business life as a Master Mariner and Shipping Executive I had no time to think about the health issues and didn’t pay proper attention my own health.

But few years ago something happened and I finally realized that I need to change my attitude to my own health, otherwise I have very good chance to join the army of old people suffering with different health problems and spending all their time and money (if they have them) on treatment and medication, instead of enjoying healthy lifestyle.

I looked for different health programs and natural products that could help me to support my health naturally, to have healthy life style and longer happy life.

I discovered many interesting things, like Aloe Vera, Bee Pollen, Mangosteen and Pomegranate, grapeseeds, nuts and many other natural products full of nutrients and minerals that our body need especially when you became the part of so called “baby boomers generation” .

Gradually I introduced them into my diet, and I started to feel the difference. More energy, better feeling during the day, I sleep better, I am more productive in my home Internet business.

In my search for interesting information on this subject I discover very interesting author. I read his books on nutrition, watched his videos of different events, and started following his advices on healthy diets.

It helps me a lot.

That is why, when I heard that David Wolfe, also known as David “Avocado” Wolfe is going to introduce his new program called Longevity Now, I decided immediately to learn more about this health program to see whether it’s something that I can use to improve further my own health.

Who is David Wolfe?

David Wolfe is well known in the world of nutrition, health and longevity.

During the last 20 years David participated in 1700 live events on health and longevity around the world.

EatingForBeautyHe is the author of “Amazing Grace”, “Naked Chocolate”, Eating For Beauty”, “Sunfood Diet Success System”, “Superfood – The Food and Medicine of the Future”, and numerous articles on nutrition, live food diet, health and longevity.

David is the founder and leading contributor of the Internet’s only Peak Performance and Nutrition online magazine: The Best Day Ever.

Few years ago David started as “Avocado” in the reality TV show Mad Mad House airing on the since Fiction Channel. That is how he became known as David “Avocado” Wolfe.

David is the founder of the non-profit Fruit Tree Planting Foundation that has a goal to plant 18 billion fruit trees on the planet Earth.

And he hosts at least six health, fitness and adventure retreats each year in different places around the world.

Based on all this information about David Wolfe, I had now doubt that he is the real authority in everything he is doing, and I can trust his advice.

What is the Longevity Now health program?

David Wolfe has been working his whole career on a total optimal health system, a complete program that reveals all of the best knowledge he has discovered in an easy to understand step by step manner.

David called it as the culmination of his life’s work.

Longevity Now is a multimedia health system delivering innovative “longevity technology” simple to implement by making simple additions to daily habits and food choices. When many other programs require to make drastic changes that many people do not like, David’s system is simple and effortless with step-by-step instructions.

Actually, David will take you by hand and will lead you by example.

I like David’s saying, “the more fun you have the longer you will live“.

This system is about fun as well. It’s about adding delicious foods and healing technologies into our daily lifestyle that are inexpensive, simple, delicious and exhilarating.

Longevity Now Health system of David Wolfe opens new opportunity for many people to become healthier,  feel good,  look great and enjoy longer and happier life.

I hope this site will become the important source of useful information on the subject of Longevity, healthy lifestyle; you will open for yourself the Wild World full of natural resources and healthy ingredients.

Feel free to visit our site regularly because we shall add new information all the time.