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Fleuresse Skin Care System

At the Wave event ini Vienna, Kyäni Founder and Chairman Kirk Hansen introduced a brand new line of skin care products called Fleuresse. These amazing new products are designed for all skin types, and use powerful natural ingredients to combat the visible signs of aging.

To create Fleuresse, Kyäni combines the remarkable ingredients they have used for years in the Triangle of Wellness—including Blueberry, Noni, and Tocotrienol Vitamin E—with plant stem cell extracts from a rare variety of the Swiss Uttwiler Apple. With this blend of natural ingredients, Fleuresse acts to hydrate and nourish your skin, and reveal a brighter, more youthful looking appearance.

The Fleuresse Skin Care System features four products:

  • Fleuresse Boosting Cleanser
    Fleuresse Boosting CleanserFleuresse cleans your skin and opens your pores to an infusion of rich vitamins, antioxidants, and amino acids that help prevent and reduce visible signs of aging.
  • Fleuresse Serum
    Fleuresse Serum is a light and refreshing serum derived from naturally occurring botanicals found in plant stem cells that rejuvenates the skin and helps protect against fine lines, wrinkles, and reduce visible signs of aging.
  • Fleuresse Day Brightening Crème
    Fleuresse Day Brightening Crèma soothes, calms, and nourishes your skin by providing intense hydration to prevent fine lines and soften the look of existing lines and wrinkles, giving you a brighter, more timeless appearance.
  • Fleuresse Night Crème
    Rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and amino acids, Fleuresse Night Crème targets and fights against the inevitable signs of aging skin by hydrating, smoothing, and softening skin while you sleep.

Don’t wait! Order your Fleuresse Skin Care System from April 4 and start hydrating and nourishing your skin to have a brighter, more youthful looking appearance.

Watch this video to learn more about FLEURESSE:


Healthy Eating at Work

Eating during the work

Eating during the work

Most people would like to have good balance diet during working days but for many it’s rather difficult to fulfil due to different reasons.

I asked my good friend Lesley Craigie, nutritionist and personal trainer, what kind of advice she can give to busy people to organise their healthy eating at work. Here are her suggestions of healthy diet at work.

There are many questions that arise about food at work. How many hours do you spend at work? For many it can be most of your waking hours.  Therefore it’s no shock that your workplace eating habits have a great influence on your health.

To help enhance your health and stay ahead, improving your workplace nutrition is essential.  Avoid falling into the category of obese and overweight workers.  Keep your energy and productivity up by using some of the tips below.  You will stay energised and full of vitality for additional after work activities.

No junk food:  Ensure your desk is not full of junk food and unhealthy snacks.  Avoid temptation.

Take a lunch break:  Eat meals during lunchtime break

Leftovers:  Leftovers are great to bring to work the next day.  Add a little extra when cooking the evening meal and you’ll have a cheaper health lunch.

Planning:  plan ahead what you are going to eat and snack on at work.  Arriving at work with your food for the day avoids hunger and unhealthy snacks.

Avoid Vending Machines/Snack Boxes:  Stay away from Vending machines and the office snackbox they are usually full of junk food.  Turn your desk drawer into your own personal snackbox, fill it with fruit, nuts, beef jerky, hard boiled eggs and bottles of water.

Water:  Bring a large (2ltre) bottle of water with you to work.  Sipping on water all day keeps you hydrated and your energy levels optimised.


healthy-eatingCome to work prepared with healthy snacks, and you’ll improve focus, increase productivity, and avoid packing on pounds. Here are fifteen snack foods to help you stay satisfied.

  1. Walnuts – Walnuts are high in heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants. Combine a handful of walnuts with a piece of low-fat cheese, and an apple or a pear for a morning snack that will help you feel full longer.
  2. Apples – Apples are rich in pectin. This helps suppress your appetite. For a mid-day snack an apple will help to control blood sugar levels, and may well benefit weight loss.
  3. Greek Yogurt – Greek yogurt has twice as much protein as normal yogurt.  Top Greek Yogurt with berries for a mid-day snack.
  4. Green Tea – Research has indicated that green tea helps lower cholesterol and decreases the risk of diabetes and stroke, furthermore it boosts metabolism to help you burn fat.  Drinking a few cups of green tea per day will benefit weight loss benefits
  5. Beef Jerky – Beef jerky is a great source of protein.  Choose the leanest jerky when possible. Eat 1 to 2 servings of jerky with a piece of fruit, such as an apple or pear, for a balanced snack.
  6. Oatmeal and Blueberries – Complex carbs like oatmeal provide steady, long-lasting energy, and help you feel full longer.  Add fresh blueberries to hot porridge for a great breakfast.  Blueberries are chock-full with nutrients that help promote brain function.
  7. Spinach Salad –Indulge in a fresh salad with spinach (rich in energy-boosting magnesium), a cup of antioxidant-packed strawberries, and 1/2 a cup of black beans and one large hard-boiled egg for extra protein.
  8. Oranges and Almonds – Remaining hydrated helps you remain energized. Alongside drinking water throughout the day, have some fruits like oranges, which have a high percentage water. Try a large orange with a handful of raw almonds (rich with fiber, protein, and heart-healthy fat).
  9. Carrots and Hummus –Carrot’s combine well with hummus. This low-calorie combo is packed with beta-carotene, fibre, and healthy fat to help you feel full throughout the afternoon.
  10. Low-Fat Cottage Cheese and Pineapple –  Low-fat cottage cheese is high in protein and calcium, combine this with some fresh pineapple.  The pineapple gives a nice sweet topping along with the fact that it can decrease inflammation in the body and improve digestion.
  11. Yogurt and Cherries – Yogurt contains probiotics, which are known as the good bacteria needed for a healthy digestive tract.  Add a few spoons of dark cherries for a punch of antioxidants and phytonutrients.
  12. Pear and Cheese – This effortless snack is low in calories and perfect for portion control. A pear along with a fat-free mozzarella cheese stick gives you a snack rich in calcium, vitamin C, potassium and fibre.
  13. Apple and Almond Butter – Pair an apple with 2 tablespoons of almond butter for a heart-healthy, cholesterol-lowering snack packed with healthy fat and fibre.


Kick-start your day with a balanced meal and proper hydration makes all the difference.  A good healthy breakfast and hydrating before the start of an eventful day could be the difference between a career-changing performance and a humiliating fiasco in front of your boss. Use these three simple nutrition tips to start your day right.

The Evening Before

Feeling anxious? Go early to bed with a little light reading, but avoid alcohol. While a drink may help you fall asleep initially, it disrupts the vital REM sleep cycle that helps boost creative thinking and long-term memory. A glass of wine, beer, or cocktail the night before a big meeting can also flush your system of the water-soluble vitamins and minerals necessary to produce an excellent performance the next day.

The Morning Of

While asleep, levels of the body’s stress hormone, cortisol rise. Have a healthy breakfast of high-fibre carbohydrates, lean proteins, and healthy fats in order to bring your cortisol levels back in balance. Carbs are vital to this process, so be lavish. Try a small bowl of oatmeal, berries, and scrambled egg whites with avocado. Or two poached eggs, pineapple and mango. Another option is Greek yogurt, cinnamon, some sunflower and pumpkin seeds, mixed berries, topped with pinenuts.

During the Day

Drink a large glass of water first thing in the morning and keep drinking all day. Staying well hydrated can help you think clearly, increase productivity, and reduce stress.

I hope you will find these tips and suggestions useful for keeping you healthy.

Aloe Vera – the Miracle Plant

Aloe VeraIn this article we shall talk about magic plant called Aloe Vera. It’s also often called the “Miracle Plant” or the “Natural Healer“, as it is a plant that keeps many surprises.

Many people think that it’s a cactus but actually it belongs to the lily family and grows in warm and dry climates. There are over 200 varieties of Aloes, but the Aloe Barbadensis Miller has been of most use by people because of it’s medicinal properties and health benefits.

The therapeutic benefits of Aloe Vera have been known and used for more than 5000 years. The plant was popular in the ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. Egyptian queens used it as a remedy for physical beauty.

According to the legend Alexander the Great even coquered the island of Socotra in the Indian Ocean to have a supply of Aloes to treat the battle wounds of his soldiers.

The physicians appreciated Aloe Vera as a very effective medicinal herb. In the Philippines it is used with milk for kidney infections. It is known as the excellent treatment of minor burns, and some people keep a live aloe, or “burn plant” on the windowsill for emergency first aid.

Aloe Vera is a strong anti-inflammatory remedy because of natural plant sterols and other naturally occurring substances and polysaccharides and the synergistic way in which they act together.

In the book “Aloe Vera – Nature’s Silent HealerAlasdair Barcroft and Dr Audun Myskja tell how widely is Aloe Vera used ‘by people in the treatment and management of inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, where it has a steroid-like action without the side effects’.

Aloe Vera is also effective for acne, seborrhoea, eczema, psoriasis. It contains an abundance of vitamins and minerals and provides 7 essential amino acids which are directly linked to cell growth.

Nowadays there are many effective chemical medicines in treating ailments, but they can cause dangerous side effects. That’s why more consumers are turning back to natural products.

Aloe Vera is attracting attention, because it has a profoundly positive influence on the health and lifstyle of many.

In the video below you will find Markus Rothkranzi’s recipe of Cactus-Aloe smoothie, your Super Longevity drink:





How Green Tea Could Prevent Colon Cancer

green teaRejuvenating and refreshing properties of green tea have been very well known since ancient times.

The leaves of green tea are richer in antioxidants than other types of tea. Green tea contains B vitamins, magnesium, potassium, manganese, catechins.

It is believed that green tea improves physical performance of a human being, it’s alleged to reduce cholesterol, to combat cardiovascular disease, to prevent cancer and Alzheimer’s disease, to improve brain function and make you smart, to provoke weight loss.

A large amount of important nutrients polyphenols are also found in green tea. These polyphenols can reduce the formation of free radicals that play role in ageing of the body and all sorts of diseases.

However it is still not clear how much green tea we need to drink to see a positive effect on our health but it’s recommended to drink green tea on a daily basis. Start drinking green tea now and you will gain all the benefits long term!

Some of researchers looked for association between drinking green tea and cancers of the bowel, prostate, breast, lungs.

According to the publication in the Daily Mail the latest studies are being held at Seoul National University Hospital in South Korea. The researchers say that green tea could lower the risk of colon cancer. They are testing this in a study involving 180 people who have had polyps removed from their colon (polyps are benign growths). These polyps could be a precursor to colon cancer.

The patients will be given a daily green tea extract pill (nine cups of green tea) or no treatment. The researchers believe compounds in greeen tea prevent the rogue cells that could lead to polyps from developing.

The previous study in Japan carried out by Gifu University showed just 15 per cent of patients who had the equivalent of ten cups of green tea a day had a recurrence of polyps, compared with 31 per cent recurrence in the untreated group.

Hope you found this information useful. If you want to learn more about health benefits of Green Tea, there are tons of interesting information available online now.

We recommend also to watch this video where you will learn almost everything you need to know about Green Tea:
– How is green tea processed and why it is has more health benefits in comparison to black tea.
– What are the different types of green tea?
– How to choose and buy green tea?
– What are the benefits of green tea? (weight loss, flat belly, youthful skin, relaxation, lower your risk of cancer and more)
– How many cups should you drink in a day?
– How to brew green tea for maximum flavour & benefits.
– Can I add milk / sugar to my green tea?

GREEN TEA: Secrets to Flat Belly, Youthful Skin & More

Social Media and Your Health

Community where you live, communication with like-minded people around the world can have a great impact on our health, our healthy life.

Statistic says that  people who live in poorer neighbourhood and negative surrounding  die, on average, seven years younger and spend 17 years more with a disability, than people from more affluent community.

New communication technology and social media opened the new era in peoples health improvement.

This subject was discussed on the The Longevity Now Conference where the video below was recorded.

Watch this video where David Wolfe answered the question, Is Social Media Good for Your Health?


Pomegranate Superfood Cider Salad Dressing

In this video David Wolfe reveals how to make Pomegranate Superfood Cider salad dressing full of unique and delicious ingredients.
Learn how to make it for your own use to impress your guests!



Drinking coffee cuts the risk of liver cancer and diabetes

Coffee 1How many cups of coffee a day do you drink? Could coffee be beneficial for your health?

An article published in the Daily Mail confirms the potential benefits of coffee.

According to a new study of nearly 9,000 people three cups of tea or coffee a day could lower
the risk of diabetes. The research carried out at the University College London revealed also that
coffee appeared to be linked with lower blood pressure, though it’s not clear why. (The new finding contradicts previous studies linking coffee to higher blood pressure.)

Coffee and tea drinkers have smaller waist and BMI measurements than people who consume 1 cup or less per day. A large waist, high BMI and a high blood pressure – all contribute to metabolic syndrome, a cluster of symptoms that raise the risk of diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

University College London researchers found coffee or tea drinkers had 25 per cent fewer symptoms of metabolic syndrome, because compounds in the drink work against inflammatory chemicals.

According to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) the average amount of caffeine consumed in the US every day is approximately 300mg per person per day – the equivalent between 2 and 4 cups of coffee, which can promote health benefits.

Coffee acts as stimulant by activating the central nervous system. Stimulating effects of caffeine start as early as 15 min after consumption and last up to 6 hours.

A study from the Harvard School of Public Health reveals that drinking 2-4 cups of coffee a day may reduce the risk of liver cancer by 50 per cent and also may halve the risk of mouth and throat cancer.

Coffee imagesMore recent research found that consuming 200mg of caffeine a day may boost long-term memory, protect against Parkinson’s disease, cardiovascular disease and stroke, or may reduce suicide risk in adults.

With so much research claiming that caffeine consumption can benefit our health, it is no wonder coffee consumption is so widespread.

As we have already said, this information is rather controversial to what was said before about coffee and it’s impact on people’s health so make your own research on coffee before you start following any advice.


Watch this video, more interesting information about Coffee:


Kyani Health Triangle – Natural Resource For Healthy Life

Kyani Health Triangle I am a health oriented person and very keen to learn more about health benefits of endless natural resources Mother Nature can offer.

Just recently I was introduced to the natural products that provide, from my personal opinion, a whole new level of health, wellness, energy, and life empowering freedom.

I started to use this product and was amazed with the changes I started to feel.  I have more energy to do different things during the day and I don’t feel tired at the end of the day, I sleep better and less hours than before, I feel better in general.

The product is really works that is why  I decided to share with you this information.

The Kyäni Health Triangle, the high-impact natural products that the company called Kyäni offers are based on cutting-edge science and nutrition. The Kyäni Health Triangle features three products:  

                               – Kyäni Sunrise,                          

                               – Kyäni Sunset,                    

                              – Kyäni Nitro FX.

These products give you and your family the proven health benefits of Wild Alaskan Blueberries, Tocotrienols (the most potent form of vitamin E), omega-3 fatty acids, and Nitric Oxide all in one easy-to-use system.

Kyani has brought together one of the most powerful combinations of nature’s purest ingradients to support your health day after day. Each of these ingredients has substantial, third-party data and scientific evidence to show their effectiveness on the body in laboratory research, and even human clinical trials.

You can visit Kyani Science site to see for yourself why the Kyäni Health Triangle™ is extremely effective in promoting health and wellness.

Kyani Health TriangleI am sure that when you check all the information on the site, search the Internet, read the endless  testimonials of people who had great results with these products, you may want to try the products by yourself.

You can make it HERE, simply register as the customer and order the Health Triangle, it will be delivered to your place just in few days.

You have nothing to lose but a lot to gain because Kyani offers 30-Day customer satisfaction guarantee!

You will find more detailed information on each particular product in the next articles on this site, feel free to visit us often to find many more interesting articles on the subject of Longevity and Wellbeing.

Watch this short video about Kyani Health Triangle:

                                               Get your Health Triangle here!

Health Benefits of Seaweed Soup

I lived few years in Japan and know how healthy most of Japanese food is.

seaweedsoupOne of my favourite foods is a Seaweed Soup that is a deliciously filling macrobiotic and mineral-rich meal.

And good thing is that you can make it at home in two minutes using portable, lightweight, and
shelf-stable mixture available to buy online.

This savoury meal has extraordinary health benefits. Seaweed soup is a calming, alkaline, “kelp chowder” that feels good to the body.

Seaweed soup is a complete source of protein, naturally chelated minerals, and health-promoting fucose
polysaccharides, it is actually a protective super food, supporting immune health and detoxification.

The Laminaria in seaweed soup is abundant in easily absorbable minerals. In Japan, historically,
those who consumed sea vegetables like Laminaria on a regular basis, were known for their dark
full thick hair and healthy youthful skin, even into their advanced years.


Stack the Odds in Your Favor

Water, Superfood and Earthing.

David Wolfe is talking about 3 ways of staking the odds in your favor.

Watch this video!