Longevity and Healthy Lifestyle

LongevityWelcome to our site! Longevity Now is all about longevity and healthy lifestyle.

No doubt, we all want to have healthy and enjoyable life. But what we need to do to achieve it? What kind of a diet can help your body to maintain it's strength and health? What kind of activities will support it? What else can help you to keep your body in healthy status and live long, healthy and happy life.

You can find in Wikipedia that “the word "longevity" is sometimes used as a synonym for "life expectancy" in demography, however, the term "longevity" is sometimes meant to refer only to especially long-lived members of a population, whereas "life expectancy" is always defined statistically as the average number of years remaining at a given age…

Reflections on longevity have usually gone beyond acknowledging the brevity of human life and have included thinking about methods to extend life. Longevity has been a topic not only for the scientific community but also for writers of travelscience fiction, and utopian novels.”

I am health oriented person and my goal is to make this site a valuable source of interesting and important information to my visitors who want to take care of their own health, strong body, look good and enjoy full active life for many years ahead.

I hope that a valuable information on this site will help you to achieve your goals.

I am retired shipping professional. During my busy business life as a Master Mariner and Shipping Executive I had no time to think about the health issues and didn't pay proper attention my own health.

But few years ago something happened and I finally realised that I need to change my attitude to my own health, otherwise I have very good chance to join the army of elderly people suffering with different health problems and spending all their time and money (if they have them) on treatment and medication, instead of enjoying healthy lifestyle.

I started to look for different health programs and natural products that could help me to support my health naturally, make my life active and enjoyable, as well as happy and longer.

During my search I discovered many interesting things, like the important role of balanced immune system to have good health and to live longer, different immunomodulators used in immunotherapy, what is Transfer Factor that helps our immune system to be balanced and strong, Aloe Vera, natural healer known as "Magic Plan" for centuries, Bee Pollen, Mangosteen and Pomegranate, grape seeds, nuts and many other natural products full of nutrients and minerals that our body needs especially when you became the part of so called "baby boomers generation" .

I introduced some of them in daily life, into my diet, and gradually I started to feel the difference. More energy, better feeling during the day, I sleep better, I am more productive in my home Internet business.

In my search for interesting information about natural health I learned a lot and my goal is to share this knowledge and information with you.

Keep visiting our site because each new post that will be published here will help you to discover something new and useful to feel good and looks great to enjoy you life!

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