David “Avocado” Wolfe about Health Insurance and Longevity

Interesting concept of health insurance.

When people ask David Wolfe whether he has any kind of health insurance, his answer is: yes…

But when you follow his answer further, you will be very surprised with what he means under “health insurance”.

He actually invests in growing and procuring the top super foods and super herbs in the world… and, in his opinion, there is no greater insurance for long-term health and longevity than cultivating and consuming the best food, water, and herbal substances available.

Check out this exclusive video, shot on David’s farm in Hawaii. In this video David “Avocado” Wolfe shares the 3 important components of creating your own nutritional insurance policy, using readily available super foods and herbs.

How to Stay Younger Longer

Dr. Dave Woynarowski, M.D. is one of the world’s top anti-aging specialists. His exhaustive search for the best-of-the-best in anti-aging medicine has made him one of the foremost authorities in preventative health, anti-aging, and nutritional supplements.

In addition to study and research, Dr. Dave began the development of a new category of nutritional supplements.

Here how Dr. Dave explains his works, “I travelled the globe for many years, searching the four corners of the Earth and left no stone unturned. What I found is that most people can be significantly healthier through the use of high quality, properly formulated supplements.

The problem was that most of the available products did not use a high enough grade of active ingredients, or did not combine the correct amount of ingredients for a multiple-pronged rather than a single-focus approach to the issue. ”

So he developed Dr. Dave’s Best, a new category of nutritional supplements, formulated from his
expertise as a physician, and made from only pharmaceutical-grade ingredients.

In the video below Dr. Dave Woynarowski shares some incredible info on How to Stay Younger Longer.

In this exclusive clip on Longevity, Dr. Dave gives his 9 point holistic prescription for maximizing the control you have over gene expression.

Click the video below to watch now!

How to Care for Your Brain

According to Wikipedia, “Daniel G. Amen is a psychiatrist and medical director of the Amen Clinics as well as a bestselling author. His use of brain SPECT scans for psychiatric and neurological diagnosis of patients is highly controversial…”

Nevertheless, “in 2012 The Washington Post Magazine ran a cover story entitled “Daniel Amen is the most popular psychiatrist in America…”

In this video brain expert, Dr. Daniel Amen shares some incredible info on longevity and brain health.

According to Dr. Amen, your behaviours can either accelerate the aging process or decelerate it…

That is why caring for your brain is one of the most important things you can do for your overall long-term health.

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How to Boost Brain Power

Discover simple foods that can sharpen your intellect and make you smarter…

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Seaweed Soup – the Masterpiece of Japanese Alchemy

Have you ever heard about Seaweed Soup? I bet not.
But now you have a chance to discover this “masterpiece of Japanese alchemy.”

In the exclusive video below the master tonic herbalist Truth Calkins is showing how to make an incredibly delicious and nutritious seaweed soup that is deeply nourishing and supports the immune system.

Seaweed Soup is a delicious soup full of macrobiotic and mineral-rich. This portable, lightweight, and shelf-stable mixture turns into a savoury meal with extraordinary health benefits in just 2 minutes.

Seaweed Soup is a calming, alkaline, “kelp chowder” that feels good to the body.

A complete source of protein, naturally chelated minerals, and health-promoting fucose polysaccharides, Seaweed Soup is a protective superfood, supporting immune health and detoxification.

The Laminaria in Seaweed Soup is abundant in easily absorbable minerals. In Japan, historically, those who consumed sea vegetables like Laminaria on a regular basis were known for their dark full thick hair and healthy youthful skin, even into their advanced years.

It’s recommended to make this with Kukicha Twig Tea or Spring Dragon Gynostemma Tea as the liquid base.

So, learn how to make this delicious soup by yourself!

Hormone Health

Our immune system is a complex system comprising cells and organs that battle infections and keep us in peak health.

One of the essential components to a healthy immune system is our hormones.

David Wolfe has created exclusive video clip live at his agricultural farm in Hawaii about the two potent superfoods used for hundreds of years for hormone support.

You will also learn about a powerful food you can find in any health food store or grow yourself that can help with menopause and affect hormone health overall.

Enjoy watching this short video and discover how you can strength you own immune system.

Hops X Factor

Here is great news from David Wolfe who is currently in Australia right now, mid-way through his worldwide tour.

David has been working on this discovery for the past 18 months.

He think that it’s one of the most significant developments he has seen in quite some time  and  he  wants  to take a moment here to alert you to another significant longevity breakthrough.

In this video from the latest Longevity Now Conference 2013 you will discover…

•    The latest breakthrough in a natural compound that is even more powerful than resveratrol!

•    How this special extract from hops acts as a natural aromatase inhibitor, blocking your cells from turning good hormones (like progesterone and testosterone) into harmful estrogenic ones.

•    Hops X Factor’s ability to influence your oxytocin levels for increases happiness and superior mental function.

•    Why the future of anti-aging nutrition combines cacao, resveratrol, and hops!

Watch this video to find more.

Beautiful Blueberry Smoothie

Beautiful Blueberry Smoothie

[uvc-youtube id=”w5nqp7jg0jg” width=”560″ height=”315″ autoplay=”1″ controls=”1″]

This is one of my all-time favorite smoothie recipes… It’s called the “Beautiful Blueberry Smoothie


What Constitutes True Wealth for David “Avocado” Wolfe

Just recently I read the article “Why I am NOT a Millionaire” written by By David “Avocado” Wolfe.

This website is the result of my inspiration with what David Wolfe is doing to educate the world about longevity, healthy lifestyle, healthy foods, real values in people’s life and many other wonderful things. And my goal is to share with you, my visitors this interesting and important information that might help you to improve your life if you need it.

David’s latest article is so important to understand what he is thinking and what he is doing that I decided to publish this article here.

david-wolfeWhy I am NOT a Millionaire

Many people think I am a millionaire.  I have certainly been responsible for millions of dollars in book sales (hundreds of thousands of copies of my books have been sold in the past 12 years).

I’ve also put my name on products that have sold in the countless millions as well (over $30 million from one of my former companies alone).

I’ve helped support many independent businesses that have gone on to become multimillion dollar ventures too… but I, David “Avocado” Wolfe, am not a millionaire.

You are probably wondering how this could have happened.  Am I a fool? Have I allowed unscrupulous people to take advantage of me?

First off, I need to clear the air: not only am I not a millionaire now, I was never a millionaire in the past, and I certainly don’t want to be a millionaire anytime in the future.

Many people believe I own I don’t. I was offered a large percentage of the company last year and I refused. Many people believe I own, The Longevity Now® Conference… and I don’t.

I love these businesses and I support their success and they support mine, but I don’t have any ownership in any of them at all. I also don’t own any stock in any companies… nor do I own any companies that own companies.

Many people think I own lots of property too. I don’t. I operate two organic farms that are mostly owned by banks and if I ever end up owning any equity in these properties at all, I will immediately donate them to charity.

Less Is More

Let me be clear: I own very little. I have an 11 year-old Jeep, one computer, a stereo that I have had since 1986, a drum set I bought in 2000, my books, my plants, enough clothes to fill a suitcase, and a few necessities (blender, grounded flip flops, toothbrush, etc.). As you can see, I don’t own much at all. Why…?

The ancient Taoist Immortals embraced the philosophy of renunciation, living with the Earth, discipline, as well as abandoning attachment to worldly pleasures, wealth, and reputation as a path to longevity and health.

Throughout my whole life, ever since I first saw David Carradine as Kwai Chang Caine in the television program Kung Fu, I have become more and more enamored with the ascetic life of a Taoist Immortal.

In addition, I believe having nothing gives you the ultimate freedom of having nothing to lose. Because when you have a lot, you have a lot to lose.

One of the owners of Sunfood Nutrition, Robert Deupree, is worth an estimated $50 million. Do you really think if Mr. Deupree has to make a choice between doing the right thing and doing anything that will put his many millions in jeopardy, he will take the higher path?

His partner in Sunfood Nutrition, E. Douglas Harbison is the son of billionaire Earle Harbison who ran Monsanto for 10 years. Do you really think Mr. Harbison has any interest in selling the best superfoods on the planet if it risks putting his father’s legacy in jeopardy?

I don’t have answers to the questions above. I only offer them as something to consider:

The more things one owns, the more one has a vested interest in protecting those things s/he has acquired.

I also believe that the higher one climbs on the tree of life, the thinner the branches; it’s better to be somewhere towards the middle where the branches are strong and where the people who make up our world actually live.

If you know me then you know that I never speak negatively about people or their companies, however I feel the time has come to protect the natural food industry with some much needed clarification. As one of the pioneers of this industry I feel this is my responsibility.

My Favorite Place in the World…

One of my favorite places in the whole world is Costa Rica. Costa Rica has no military, guns, tanks, or soldiers, at all.  Do you know why? Because they don’t have any natural resources, such as gold, oil, or precious minerals that other countries value. When you have nothing others value, you have nothing to lose.

And yet because I value Costa Rica’s natural attributes, with it’s deeply healing volcanic hot springs, intricate rainforest ecosystems, beautiful mountains and beaches, and fertile farmland… Costa Rica, for me, is one of the wealthiest countries on the planet.

New Ideas About Wealth

This brings me to my next question: What constitutes real wealth, anyway?

There are many multimillionaires suffering in hospital beds, eating hybridized, genetically modified processed foods, who are spiritually, emotionally, and mentally confused. There are many billionaires even, suffering from poor health and unable to experience the vast number of enjoyments they have spent their life acquiring.

I have few assets, and yet I’ve never lacked for anything.  I’ve never eaten anything but the best food ever… slept in the best (grounded) beds ever… traveled to the most exotic lands ever… experienced the most extraordinary health ever, shared the company of the most beautiful friends and family, and most of all, met 100,000’s of fantastic, wonderful people like you who are hungry for the knowledge I share.

I am, in my estimation, incredibly rich — perhaps the wealthiest person in the world.

Only my wealth isn’t “mine”, it’s available to anyone who chooses to reconsider where true wealth and freedom is found.

And where is true wealth found? Consider the following:

  •         True wealth is a peaceful state of mind.
  •         True wealth is abundant physical health.
  •         True wealth is spiritual connection to source energy.
  •         True wealth is emotional wellness.
  •         True wealth is found in serving others.
  •         True wealth is knowledge of oneself, knowledge of one’s environment… and finding and following your mission in life.

In addition:

  •     True wealth cannot be hoarded, only shared.
  •     True wealth is not created by what one has acquired, but by what one gives away.
  •     And true wealth (or happiness in oneself) is directly proportional to the happiness one brings to others.

So let’s consider that our previous notions of “wealth” and “resources” are possibly outdated and irrelevant.

Let’s also consider that making money for its own sake is a meaningless and never-ending, never-fulfilling endeavor.


The last time I owned a company was in 2009 when I was the CEO (and 50% owner) of Sunfood Nutrition. When I was an “owner” of the company, I not only found myself surrounded by greedy sharks looking to use my name to sell more stuff to more people (and not caring about the quality or source of the products)… but I also found myself working harder and harder for less and less.

In fact, Sunfood Nutrition is a good, but tragic, example of what happens when the power of greed and control overtakes the power of doing some good in the world (I will share my epic battle – in exquisite detail – against the crooks at Sunfood in the future, and it is quite a story).

Since July 2009 (when I was defrauded out of the company assets) I have had nothing to do with that company and I am continuously shocked at the criminality and unconscious behavior displayed by the people who run it.

A Mission-Driven Life

So you might be wondering why I continually recommend the products I love without getting rich in the process?

Because it’s my mission in this life to search for the most time-tested, scientifically-researched, healthiest, most valuable (even magical) raw foods, superfoods, superherbs, and longevity technologies and share my discoveries with as many people as possible. All the money that I could have put in my pocket has been consistently reinvested back into expanding our choices and broadening all of our horizons.

It is my mission to give a voice to the healthiest choices ever — especially those that have yet to see their day in the Sun.

It’s not about making tons of money. It never has been. It is about the mission and the message. I have found this to be true of nearly every great achiever I have ever met — their mission and message in life comes first.

And the one thing I really want is a planet that is filled with: the best foods, the best herbs, the most extraordinary organic farms, massive wild tracts of land, and the healthiest humans possible.

  •     A planet where we are all supported in implementing the best solutions ever to overcome our health challenges.
  •     A planet that works for 100% of humanity and supports the spiritual health of all living things.
  •     A planet that has put the LOVE back into every project and endeavor.

The more I share the knowledge I have been gifted… the closer, I believe, this dream to be. There have been BIG changes for the better in the global health scene and in our world in general over the last 20 years. We are making progress.

The Proper Role of Money

So where does the role of money fit into all of this?

We must appreciate the power of money and understand its important role in making things happen in the world.

Money is not the root of evil; it is a very powerful—but also limited—force.

Without money, there is no way we can ship thousands of kilos of organic, non-GMO, non-CCN-51 hybrid cacao from the jungles of Ecuador to a store shelf in the United States. We cannot package and distribute cacao just because we want to, we require money to make that happen. At the same time, I cannot use money to improve my spiritual practice or to achieve a peaceful heart; to do that I require discipline, hard work, and concentration.

Again, money is not the root of evil… but it’s not the root of everlasting happiness either. We need a balanced approach in our understanding of what money can and cannot do for us.

Which brings me to my last point:

If I don’t want to own anything, why don’t I do everything for free?

My answers are simple: I have put out hundreds of high-quality education videos out on the Internet for free—more, I believe, than any other health activist in the world. I have also spoken at countless events for free in my career, but have I found that whenever I give too much away for free—it is less valued, easily discarded, or not appreciated. Too many free events attract takers and drainers (or “drainbows”) and those who feel entitled.

In addition, I believe in a fair energy-exchange.  The information I produce and products I recommend create jobs and income for thousands of hard-working people. I have always felt the obligation to support my contractors, suppliers, and farmers, even at great personal sacrifice to myself.

The products I create and distribute are good for the majority of people in every area: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual and are based on my 20+ years of research.

Not everything is for everybody, but by working with probabilities, I know most people will discover something unique and special in what I have to offer. And in quality the stuff I bring to the market is unsurpassed in the health food and natural products industry because my field experience has given me the connections no one else has.

Ignoring the “Whiners”

My experience has been that the people who whine and complain about money (or anything for that matter), are the people who daily do what they hate and who are the most disconnected from their mission. These types of people often fall into the “drainbow” category — they take or attack but rarely give or appreciate. As a consequence, these types of people don’t want to do too much, but they expect a lot in return. They often believe that anyone who makes it in the world did so through fraud and deceit, instead of through hard work and integrity.

I work very hard, seventeen, eighteen hours most days. I am a firm believer that hard work combined with solid motivation (wanting little for oneself) and integrity along with a powerful life-mission (wanting a lot for others) creates an effortless, almost imperative desire to continually do the right thing.

I am not saying I have always done the right thing. Mistakes happen and are part of life. Nor am I doing the only right thing; I am doing what I perceive is right for me. What is right for you?  I don’t know. That is for you to consider.

My hope is that we can work together to spiritually put money in its correct and appropriate role until such time as humanity has moved past the need for money. The true wealth of friendships, deeper connections to source energy, spiritual peace, health, and tranquility of mind will be our reward.

I hope that David’s thoughts will help you to clarify many aspects of your life to make it reacher, happier and healthier. Share it with people you care about, it’s worth to do.

And thank you once again for being reader of my site, I appeciate it very much.

How to Abandon Cravings for Junk Food

Do you know that pharmaceutical drugs can have a side effects and damage your health?

Watch this exclusive video from the 2011 Longevity Now® Conference where Dr. Hyla Cass reveals research demonstrating that pharmaceutical drugs can actually work against your health.

Dr. Cass also shares the shocking statistics from 6 double-blind studies that demonstrates how placebo vitamins work just as well as pharmaceutical drugs without all the horrible side effects…

Click below to watch now!