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John Assaraf and David Wolfe

Today I have something very cool for you!  

john assaraf, the answerI am sure you know well about John Assaraf, one of the stars of The Secret and best-selling author of “The Answer".

He just filmed a mind blowing video with David "Avocado" Wolfe, Longevity health expert, author of Eating for Beauty and creator of Longevity Now program.

david Regret the part of this video with John’s participation is slightly distracted by echo but what David is talking about is really a mind blowing!

They talk about the real secrets behind living longer, looking younger and feeling better!

And they would like you to have it as their gift!

If you follow the information on our site you have already know more about David Wolfe.

His amazing works to raise the awareness of the importance of healthy environment, healthy diet and lifestyle have made him the world’s leading authority in raw food diet and nutrition.

David Wolfe’s Longevity Now Program was sold out but now it’s back again due to huge demand. David offers the $2000&#43 in bonuses (hair growth, memory improvement, weight loss, and more) that are about to expire.

You can check out more about program and bonuses here.

John Assaraf & David Wolfe

John Assaraf & David Wolfe have a candid conversation about longevity. **Very sorry due to a tech issue, there is an echo with john’s audio** 

David Wolfe’s Longevity Now Program 

This will be your FINAL CHANCE to grab the entire Longevity NOW Program complete with over $2100 of bonus Advanced Longevity Techniques (hair growth, weight loss, memory improvement, and much more)!

Longevity Now Program News

But, what about all the chemicals from, pesticides, air plane trails, and other trash? Will we be harmed by those things? I have always had the need for lack of shoes. I love being barefoot. 

Come taste David Wolfe’s new Longevity Now Program! 

I really recommend that everyone who is health conscious and really feels called to live a super amazing life of fulfilling your own destiny–please check out this longevity now program as described above. 

Ask Dave!

Last week’s Q&A was so well received, David is BACK to answer more!! And don’t forget to take advantage of David’s limited-time bottomed-out pric.   


David Wolfe’s Longevity Video: WalkThru

David Wolfe’s Longevity Video: WalkThru, click this link to watch.

David "Avocado" Wolfe released the last video  from the series of four pre-launch videos in preparation of the great event- launching  his new Longevity Now program on 24th of June.

david Just few hours before the launch David makes short introduction to the program and gives us some explanation of the most important parts of the Longevity Now.

Last 20 years David Wolfe participated in 1700 different live events around the world, learning himself and sharing with others his knowledge of fundamentals of aging and longevity.

And now he is going to introduce the result of this work, Longevity system that may change the world (at least our world).

Click here to watch the video.

I am looking forward to meet you here again tomorrow, 24th of June, at 12.00 ET, when the Longevity Now program will be released by David Wolfe for everybody who wants to live long and have healthy, active, happy and prosperous life.

Click on the link to go directly to the Longevity Now Main site:  Go to Longevity Now here

david wolfe's longevity video: walkthru

David Wolfe Raw Food

David Wolfe’s New Longevity Now Program Ramp up your immune system with a the information in David’s Video. Â You’ll learn the class of herbs that will.  

New David Wolfe Video – Healthy Habits for Rebels

There is a NEW David Wolfe Video available today from Longevity Now about Healthy Habits for Rebels! I really did not like doing chores as a kid. How about you? 

David Wolfe’s Longevity Now

David Wolfe’s Longevity Now. You’re going to be hearing a lot about this over the next couple of weeks: Raw food guru, David Wolfe, will soon be releasing what he’s calling …  

Longevity Now Immunity with David Wolfe

The best daily health TV show on healthy living, vegan, raw food, longevity, holistic nutrition, bodyweight exercises and self motivation!   

A Healthy *TWIST* on Discipline

Here’s a new video from David Wolfe that you’ll enjoy.

david This is the third video from the series of four pre-launch videos where David “Avocado” Wolfe shares his point of view on different subjects of Health and  Wealth.

This time it’s about Discipline. And it’s got a new *twist* on discipline.

Why David is talking about discipline? Why discipline is so important?

Because  we have to develop some level of discipline to fight against the avalanche
of toxins, dangerous junk foods, and addicting chemicals we face day in and day out.

How will YOU stay healthy, stand strong, and still have fun along the way, if you are not prepared to discipline yourself to do what you need to do?

But here David is talking about very interesting point.

You can reach ALL your health goals and achieve maximum longevity without forcing yourself to do anything you don’t want to do!

Everything is explained in this video, click here to enjoy watching it.

If due to different reasons you were not able to see two previous videos, you can watch it by clicking the following links:

Video 1:         David Wolfe about Immunity

Video 2:         David Wolfe about Wealth

Video Extra:   David Wolfe and Frank Kern Interview

On 24th of June David is realeasing his revolutionary new Longevity Now program. His aim is to help people to change attitude to their own health, to become healthier naturally, and to achieve long, active, healthy and happy life.

To learn more about this new program,click on the link to go directly to the Longevity Now Main site: Go to Longevity Now here.

I want to share with you this video. It’s amazing what human body can do!

why discipline is important, level of discipline

Creating your Health

"Gardening is a labour full of tranquility and satisfaction; natural and instructive, and as such contributes to the most serious contemplation, experience, health and longevity. – John Evelyn,… 

Compare Health Nature’s Prescription for Optimal Health and Longevity

‘Nature’s prescription for optimal health and longevity’. UNION, NEW JERSEY – August 27, 2001 – One of the most important discoveries in biochemistry regarding how the body maintain…

Recommended Books on Health and Longevity

Health & Longevity Not necessarily the best books on health and longevity I’ve ever read–though that list would not be very different from this one.

How Will Universal Health Care Affect Native Americans?

Until Americans are willing to engage in healthier lifestyle choices to start with NO amount of insurance reform will "help" to increase the health and longevity of Americans.

David Wolfe s Longevity Now Video : David Wolfe & Frank Kern Interview

Click on this link to watch the video.

David David "Avocado" Wolfe announced special giveaway video of in depth interview between David Wolfe and Frank Kern, online marketing guru.

In reply to Frank’s questions David shares what he was working at during last 15 years on subject of nutrition, living food and longevity, and reveals real strategies to a longer and healthier life. You will discover the things you have never heard before.

frank kern

Frank also shares his own experience of using organic food full of natural nutriens and minerals, and how it helps him to be more creative, more productive in his Internet marketing business.

David and Frank both share what they are doing together now to use the Internet to spread the words about health benefits of natural food, what people can do for their own health, how they live better life ful of health, happines and joy.

To watch this video, click here.

You will have real fun time.

To learn more about David Wolfe’s new program, he is going to launch on 24th of June, click on the link go directly to Longevity Now Main site,  Go to Longevity Now here.   

Enjoy another video with David Wolfe and Tony Robbins:

health benefits of natural food

How to Get Started on Superfoods with David Wolfe

You have a bunch of other books and information and we’ve actually set up a page where everyone can go to get t… Free Superfood Recipes from David Wolfe’s New Book "Supe…  

Simply Nutrition: Longevity secrets revealed…

David Wolfe is quite remarkable and refreshingly honest! I have read a few books of his, which certainly taught me a thing or too, so I know you’ll learn brand new, and very insightf…  

Bay Area Raw Foods Event Lineup

I’m in my little cubicle at North Atlantic Books, my third day on the job as the new publicity intern, and I’ve been asked to write a blog on upcoming raw foods events. Initial reaction…groan. 

David Wolfe’s Books

David Wolfe is one of the top nutrition experts in the world. He is famous for his specialty on raw foods, superfoods and chocolate. He is also a very accomplished author. 

David Wolfe Longevity Now

Best Selling Author David Wolfe is fef highly regarded as one of the leading authorities in living nutrition and optimal health. 

How to Live Healthy and Prosper

David "Avocado" Wolfe has just released his second video: Wealth,   video from the series of four. Click here to watch this video.


These four videos will be avaliable till 24th of June, when David will introduce his new Longevity Now program that aims to help people to become healthier naturally and live long and prosperous life. Healthy, full of natural nutrition food is integral part of healthy and happy lifestyle. Physical activity is another very important part of our life as well.   

Strength Training Will Give More Active Life Expectancy

People are now living longer. This is a gift of 20th-century science, medicine and technology with the discoveries of many treatments for life threatening diseases all contributing to us staying alive longer. Science is continuing to deliver deep insights into aging, which challenge the outdated and obsolete ideas with which most of us grew up.

A key element of the traditional view of aging has been the belief that the processes leading to weakness, frailty, disease, disability and death were somehow programmed into us as a fixed feature of our biological make-up. Old age has been seen as a time of loss, of strength, of health, of hair, of teeth, of vigor, of brain power and of joy.

We have previously accepted all of these negative aspects of aging with shrug or a sigh after all we have been programmed by society to "take it easy" and "slow down" ready for the rocking chair.

Now things are changing, we are discovering that with this great gift of living longer we have also the opportunity to live these years in good health. Health is not just the absence of disease or illness; it is living with maximal functional capacity in all of our body and mind systems.

Taking an active role in our own health is a much better option than sitting around waiting for some pill to prevent this or that or save your life. We can do a lot ourselves to improve our chances of healthier aging. After all aging is the result of a build up of damage to our bodies’ cells. It takes a long time for that damage to get to a level where it may harm us in the form of disease and can prove our undoing.

To delay or avoid disease we now know that vigorous physical activity really does make a difference – not only for how long we live but for how long we live a healthy life. We need to make sure we make the right choices in our exercise habits over the course of our life to build up our health. This course of action will increase what is known as "active life expectancy" – the time of advancing years free from disability as well as promoting longevity. With each advancing year it becomes progressively more important to exercise on a very regular basis.

But not any old exercise will do, misleading information about what type of exercise is correct is everywhere from magazines, media and the internet. People that have never had any formal exercise training or experience are suddenly spouting about how just a little bit of exercise like a 30 minute walk is all you need to do to stay healthy.

The sad part of this is that they are believed with people thinking that gardening or walking is enough; therefore they are losing the opportunity to enjoy the many benefits a proper exercise program will provide. To be effective in managing health the exercise program must contain a minimum of 60% of strength training exercise. This will maintain and increase muscle tissue and bone density and reduce and manage any excess body fat which reduces the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Additional benefits that you will enjoy are an enhanced immune system, reduced stress, a quick thinking mind, a sharper attitude and a greater sensation of health. When you are engaged with your exercise program you also feel more useful and productive which adds to a better quality of life.

Don’t let your body give out on you. We only get one shot on this merry go round of life, so we must squeeze every bit of living out of the one body we get issued with.

Click on the link to go directly to the Longevity Now Main site:  Go to Longevity Now here


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strength training will give more active life expectancy, the time of advancing years free from disability

Southern Illinois gets grant for longevity study

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — A scientist at Southern Illinois University’s School of Medicine will share in an $8.6 million federal grant to continue his study of aging and longevity. 

Aging Longevity Site

Pauling placed one hundred of these patients on – italy red hair longevity – high doses of Vitamin C, Zinc, Echinacea or other products for the prevention of heart dise fef ase and cancer. 

Low thyroid activity may actually be a sign of longevity

Low thyroid activity may actually be a sign of longevity. Ani. June 19th, 2009. NEW DELHI – Gaining weight and losing hair? Well, chances are that you will live longer, say researchers. 

The Spread of Ideas on Engineered Longevity

It is pleasant to see the ideas of engineered longevity springing up in diverse places, from folk far removed from the core of the present advocacy community. 

Acai Berry as a Longevity, Super Food, and Immunity Supplement

Acai Berry products are without a doubt a growing product that is tough to not have heard of! I decided to write this so you can find out fef info of this exotic. 

The Ultimate Multimedia Package by David Wolfe

World’s leading authority on nutrition David "Avocado" Wolfe has just released his new video "The Exact Steps YOU Can Take Immediately To Fortify Your Immune System".  Click here to watch this video

david This is the first free video from the series of four, where David shares his knowledge in different fields of nutrition, health and longevity. On 24th of June  David Wolfe is going to launch his new Longevity Now program that is the Ultimate Multimedia Package for anyone who wants to live longer and better and has a desire to add more years to his/her life, and more life to his/her years!  

The aim of this program is to change people’s daily lifestyle by adding delicious foods and healing technologies that are inexpensive, simple, delicious and exhilarating.

Below you will find short review of this program.

Longevity Now Review – Will it Help You to Live Longer and Better?

Nothing matters if you do not have good health. You could have millions of dollars in the bank, an amazing job or business, great family relationships and many friends, but if your body is not well, all the money, friends or love in the world will not make much of a difference.

David Wolfe is a world renowned expert on health and nutrition. He knows the causes of the most threatening diseases and exactly what can be done to avoid them. Our medical society traditionally relied on treating the symptoms with medicines and drugs.

But, wouldn’t it be great to not get symptoms in the first place? The Longevity Now program, being released by David Wolfe, provides proven methods and step by step instructions for anyone to add years to their lives and life to their years.

Longevity is the goal of having not only a longer life but a high quality of life. The problem has been that most people never focused on preventive and affirmative programs for remaining healthy to begin with. But this really is the best solution for anyone.


EASY AND FUN: Mr. Wolfe has created a revolutionary program which makes it not only easy but also fun to follow a program that will increase your vitality, energy and overall health.

STEP BY STEP: You will be given step by step instructions on what to do in your daily life in order to see incredible changes in your energy and strength.

SCIENTIFIC EXPLANATIONS: If you have never heard Wolfe speak, you are missing out. His research and the studies he is involved with are truly cutting edge. You will get a full understanding of why the methods he teaches work.

ONGOING SUPPORT AND INFORMATION: Because of the baby boomer phenomenon, millions of dollars are going into research and developments of what works best to not only create optimal health but also to heal pains and diseases. In the Longevity Now Program, you will receive cutting edge information as it comes in.

When it comes to your health, do not put off what you can do today to live longer and ensure that you have the physical, intellectual and emotional health to have the experiences you want in life.

There really are secrets to longevity. And there is a lot of false information out there. But David Wolfe is a credible expert, author and educator in this important area and he is at the forefront of the quest to make longevity an integral part of life.

Click on the link to go directly to the Longevity Now Main site:  Go to Longevity Now here

Author: Alicia Fuller

Article Source:

longevity now review - will it help you to live longer and better

Longevity Now Immunity with David Wolfe

The best daily health TV show on healthy living, vegan, raw food, longevity, holistic nutrition, bodyweight exercises and self motivation!   

David Wolfe’s Longevity Now

David Wolfe’s Longevity Now. You’re going to be hearing a lot about this over the next couple of weeks: Raw food guru, David Wolfe, will soon be releasing what he’s calling “the c… 

Longevity Now: How health affects Law of Attraction

PS – This is just the first of four health-transforming, “never-before-revealed” Longevity Secrets Videos. 

Aging and Longevity

Note: David Wolfe is putting the finishing touches on a video series where he will share his latest advice on longevity topics. We have first priority rights.  

Longevity for Baby Boomers

More than ever, the baby boomer generation is looking for ways to live longer and stay healthier. In 2006, the first of the baby boomers turned 60 and.   

Opencast Project Open House at UC Berkeley

Never been sick in 15 years! Learn David’s Immunity Secrets

Click on the link to go directly to the Longevity Now Main site:  Go to Longevity Now here


Nutrition Authority David Wolfe Reveals the Exact Steps YOU Can Take Immediately To Fortify Your Immune System

The guy has never been sick in 15 years! Can you believe it?

David Wolfe is living proof that it’s possible.


David Wolfe happens to be the most recognized super-nutrition authority whose fans and clients include T. Harv Eker, Tony Robbins, Angela Bassett, Woody Harrelson, Mark Victor Hansen, and hundreds of thousands more…

Here are few testimonials of people you most probably know:

Woody Harrelson, celebrity actor, entertainer:

"David, I believe you are at the heart of a movement that will sweep the planet in 15 years, already growing like WILDFIRE and I want you to know that wherever you travel my spirit travels with you applauding your contribution to humanity as you turn on one needful soul after another…"

Anthony Robbins, world-renown peak-performance consultant and best-selling author of the #1 New York Times bestseller: Awaken the Giant Within:

"Anyone can benefit from David Wolfe’s knowledge and understanding of raw food nutrition!"

Today David “Avocado” Wolfe reveals how and why he achieved such extraordinary result.

This is the first of four health-transforming, "never-before-revealed" Longevity Secrets Videos where David Wolfe reveals EVERYTHING you need to know to quickly ramp ups your immune system.

You’ll learn things like:

•    The 5 vital herbs, tested and proven over 5,000 years, that you will absolutely want to add into your diet starting today

•    A revolutionary, NEVER BEFORE PUBLICLY REVEALED health technology that the American team used the last three times they won the Tour de France (the one intermittent year they didn’t use it, they lost)

•    How to maintain a healthy immune system while travelling or working long hours away from home

•    Why a body diminished of shen energy (evidenced by sickness and lethargy) cannot evoke the law of attraction strongly to get what we want… and more importantly, specific herbs and superfoods to take to supercharge your body with shen energy!

•    How to instantly sleep more soundly, and get more healing antioxidants than eating the most antioxidant-rich superfoods (while you sleep!)

You’ll also receive access to each of these four videos as they’re made available over the next seven days (Once you click the link and leave your information).  

Very important!  On June 24th, David is going to announce the TRUE Fountain of Youth

Yes it apparently DOES exist and David will show you precisely how to achieve true
Longevity… not later in life, but NOW.

So click the link, enjoy the video and you will be glad to receive the best health advice you could not have before!

Click on the link to go directly to the Longevity Now Main site:  Go to Longevity Now here

longevity now

David Wolfe’s Longevity

You’ll discover the secrets to an unshakable immune system & never get sick again! This guy is remarkable and refreshingly honest. 

David Wolfe About Fruit Trees and Plants

Read below article about benefits of very famous fruit, Noni. Increase Your Metabolism And Immune System With A Shot Of This! fruit tree planting foundation, david Island Fire is a propr…   

David Wolfe’s Top Herbs

This prized fungus sounds like a cure-all as it may able to boost the immune system, fight cancer, ward of health disease, calm the nerves and relive both allergies and inflammation. 

Learn David Wolfe Immunity Secrets

Discover the secrets to an unshakable immune system. Watch this refreshing video by David Wolfe, the most recognized super-nutrition authority whose fans and clients include T. Harv Eker… 

David Wolfe the Author of Longevity Now Program

His Longevity Now Program is a total health package including subjects like: secrets and solutions to the health challenges that burden people the most, how do you really lose weight, how to boost you…

How Sacred Can Chocolate be?