Health Benefits of Seaweed Soup

I lived few years in Japan and know how healthy most of Japanese food is.

seaweedsoupOne of my favourite foods is a Seaweed Soup that is a deliciously filling macrobiotic and mineral-rich meal.

And good thing is that you can make it at home in two minutes using portable, lightweight, and
shelf-stable mixture available to buy online.

This savoury meal has extraordinary health benefits. Seaweed soup is a calming, alkaline, "kelp chowder" that feels good to the body.

Seaweed soup is a complete source of protein, naturally chelated minerals, and health-promoting fucose
polysaccharides, it is actually a protective super food, supporting immune health and detoxification.

The Laminaria in seaweed soup is abundant in easily absorbable minerals. In Japan, historically,
those who consumed sea vegetables like Laminaria on a regular basis, were known for their dark
full thick hair and healthy youthful skin, even into their advanced years.