Seaweed Soup - the Masterpiece of Japanese Alchemy

Have you ever heard about Seaweed Soup? I bet not.
But now you have a chance to discover this “masterpiece of Japanese alchemy."

In the exclusive video below the master tonic herbalist Truth Calkins is showing how to make an incredibly delicious and nutritious seaweed soup that is deeply nourishing and supports the immune system.

Seaweed Soup is a delicious soup full of macrobiotic and mineral-rich. This portable, lightweight, and shelf-stable mixture turns into a savoury meal with extraordinary health benefits in just 2 minutes.

Seaweed Soup is a calming, alkaline, "kelp chowder" that feels good to the body.

A complete source of protein, naturally chelated minerals, and health-promoting fucose polysaccharides, Seaweed Soup is a protective superfood, supporting immune health and detoxification.

The Laminaria in Seaweed Soup is abundant in easily absorbable minerals. In Japan, historically, those who consumed sea vegetables like Laminaria on a regular basis were known for their dark full thick hair and healthy youthful skin, even into their advanced years.

It’s recommended to make this with Kukicha Twig Tea or Spring Dragon Gynostemma Tea as the liquid base.

So, learn how to make this delicious soup by yourself!