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What To Know About Transfer Factor | Longevity Now

What To Know About Transfer Factor

I am very health oriented person and learned a lot on the subject of health, healthy life style, different natural products that can help my body to be healthy and strong.

But I am always ask myself more questions like, "what is the basis of health", "what provides an opportunity to live and be healthy", trying to find right answer.

Not long time ago I found really interesting article that opened my mind to the amazing world of Transfer Factors and brought to me the opportunity to change my life. Here are the facts.

Studies of scientists over the past 60 years have made it possible to establish that the basis of health lies in the presence in the body of special molecules, which are called Transfer Factors, or Transfer Factors (TF). This is a very ancient system that preserves the life of all vertebrates for hundreds of millions of years.

What it is? TF are special molecules in which information in the form of amino acid chains is recorded for the organism, how to recognise and destroy microbes, viruses and cancer cells.

Only cancer cells, for example, in the body daily formed from 25,000 to 50,000! And each must be identified and destroyed in time. And this is only one of the tasks of the immune system.

The molecules of TF are similar to proteins, but unlike proteins, they are very small, with an average of 44 amino acids. These crumbs are so small that they can not cause an allergic reaction. They are the same in all vertebrates.

TF for hundreds of millions of years accumulated and transmitted from generation to generation information on how to survive. It was thanks to these wonderful molecules of health that our ancestors remained healthy, feeding on unwashed roots and consuming water from puddles. And their children were born under absolutely sterile conditions.

How did they survive? It turns out that in the first hours after birth, the mother passes TF to her children through colostrum. Colostrum is a product produced by the mammary glands in the first three days after childbirth. The maximum concentration of transfer factors in the colostrum is the first hour after birth, then the "information" value of the colostrum decreases, gradually giving way to nutrients. This is a kind of software for the newborn's immune system.

It is the presence of TF that determines whether to live a newborn or die. Veterinarians know that if newborn calves are not given colostrum, they will die. Human children in a similar situation thanks to modern medicine survive, but at what cost?

It is known that the state and the number of cells of our immune system is of decisive importance for the preservation of health. In the norm they are about 1 trillion. It should be.

Unfortunately, mankind sometimes makes fatal mistakes.

In 1922, and in Europe and the US even earlier, someone decided that colostrum - this is not mature milk, the child does not need to give it. And with one stroke of the pen millions of newborn babies born in the maternity homes were deprived of this most important information. "Decree on the prohibition of early attachment to the chest" ... It's impossible to comprehend ... We came to our senses by 1987, but the train with the valuable centuries-old information on the survival of the species has irretrievably left.

We are all very fortunate that nature forgave us and this stupidity. Transfer factors are the universal key to the immune system of any vertebrate.

The deficit was replenished at the expense of the colostrum of healthy cows with undistorted information.

There are 3 types of transfer factor (TF) molecules:

1. Amplifiers (inductors). These TFs provide a rapid response of the immune system when viruses, microbes or other pathogens enter the body. With a deficiency of transfer factors of this type of infection occur often, occur hard and long.

2. Suppressors (suppressors). This is a kind of TF molecules that, after elimination of infection, reduce the activity of the immune system to a normal level, "troops are transferred to the reserve." If this does not happen, then the war begins against the body's own cells: allergic and other autoimmune diseases occur.

3. Informants (antigen-specific function). TF informants are accurate "portraits" of the most dangerous pathogens. Peculiar moving orientations: "The police are looking for them." Deficiency of TF of this type leads to the emergence of such dangerous chronic diseases as chlamydia, herpetic infection and many others.

Thanks to TF, a common and dangerous disease, like atherosclerosis, can be cured, like angina or pneumonia.

The use of TF increases the chances of recovery in all diseases, including those in which a previously successful outcome simply did not exist. This applies to severe autoimmune diseases, such as Bechterew's disease, rheumatoid polyarthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, scleroderma, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's disease, diabetes mellitus, allergies. In many cases, it is possible to defeat infertility, to help children with autism, imperfect osteogenesis and other problems that are not solved once.

TF helps to achieve recovery in psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, eczema, vitiligo and many others.

Since the scheme of accumulation and transmission of the immune experience has no species affiliation, transfer factors are also widely used in veterinary medicine and ornithology. They help to help even in those cases in which previously a favourable outcome was not expected.

The growing interest in transfer factors around the world is completely justified. More than 20,000 scientific papers worldwide are telling about this.

Efficacy, safety and the absence of side effects, including allergies, are absolutely proven.

Transfer factors have become the topic of already 23 International Symposia.

You can learn more more about Transfer Factors and even try these unique products HERE.



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